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Jilin Province Great Great Pharmaceutical Co. LTD

Jilin Broadwell Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a biochemical pharmaceutical limited company founded in April, 2010, which takes maintaining the human health as the philosophy, takes widely collecting scientific essence, and creating permanent undertaking as core values, and adopts a sustainable development strategy depending on two R&D platforms of biological and chemical drugs. The company concentrates on biochemical pharmaceuticals, and focuses on the market layout of R&D, production and sales of cardiovascular, cerebrovascular and digestive drugs. - The chemical drugs R&D platform, adopts a follower strategy, introduces the first generic or quick generic drugs of foreign expired and expiring patent medicines, and launches them in the domestic market.



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    Great Greatness was formally founded

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Jilin Province Great Great Pharmaceutical Co. LTD

Broad Great Pharma

Maintain the health of the people


Polaprezine is a complex compound formed by zinc and L-carnosine. Zinc is an ideal carrier for L-carnosine. The two produce a significant synergy.

Linezolid Injection

Linezolid glucose injection is a synthetic oxazolidinone antibiotic. It is a bacterial protein synthesis inhibitor. It acts on the 50S ribosomal subunit of bacteria to prevent the formation of 70S initial complexes, thereby inhibiting the synthesis of bacterial protein. It is used to treat infections caused by gram-positive (G) cocci, including suspected or confirmed hospital-acquired pneumonia (HAP) caused by MRSA, community-acquired pneumonia (CAP), complex skin or skin and soft tissue infections (SSTI), and resistant Vancomycin enterococcus infection, etc., and its safety is good, and it can be used from newborn babies to elderly patients, and its clinical application range is relatively wide. Linezolid glucose injection has more clinical application data and guideline recommendations, and is highly recognized by physicians.


Clopidogrel, as an ADP receptor antagonist, prevents ADP from binding to ADP receptors on platelets and prevents glycoprotein IIb/IIIa receptors from binding to fibrinogen, thereby inhibiting platelet aggregation. It is used to prevent and treat heart, brain and other arterial circulatory disorders caused by high platelet aggregation, such as recent strokes, myocardial infarction and confirmed peripheral arterial diseases.


Fasudil, as the first Rho kinase inhibitor to be used in clinical practice, can inhibit the final stage of vascular smooth muscle contraction with dual targets, and target the movement of inflammatory cytoskeleton proteins to prevent and treat vasospasm. Interventional partner for the treatment of cerebral vasospasm. The treatment is targeted, safe, and does not affect systemic blood pressure.

Sodium Ferulate

Sodium ferulate is the sodium salt of ferulic acid, which is the main component of angelica sinensis, a traditional Chinese medicine for promoting blood circulation to remove blood stasis. The sodium ferulate injection compounded by using modern technology, not only retains the effect of promoting blood circulation to remove blood stasis of angelica sinensis, but gives a new connotation. The endothelin receptor antagonists are oxidation resistant, which can clear free radicals, and prevent platelet aggregation, with anti-inflammatory and immune adjustments, increasing blood creation function.

Propyl Gallate

This product is a medicine with a stronger biological effect obtained by structural modification of the main active component - propyl gallate, on the basis of in-depth study of paeoniae radix rubra, a traditional Chinese medicine used for promoting blood circulation to remove blood stasis. This product can significantly inhibit platelet aggregation; enhance fibrinolytic activity, promote thrombolysis; reduce whole blood viscosity and plasma specific viscosity;



Jilin Province Great Great Pharmaceutical Co. LTD
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Jilin Province Great Great Pharmaceutical Co. LTD



Jilin Province Great Great Pharmaceutical Co. LTD
The diagnosis and treatment of drug-induced mucosal injury should be emphasized in case sharing of small intestinal diseases
Experimental study on treatment of ischemic colitis in rats with Ralston
The choice of zinc in hepatic encephalopathy



Jilin Province Great Great Pharmaceutical Co. LTD
New R&D institution is Broad Weiye Inject strong development momentum
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Boda Weiye Clopidogrel Bisulphate Tablets Obtained the drug registration certificate of the State Drug Administration
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Vice Governor Wang Tingkai and his party came to our company for investigation
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Liaoyuan City "Sika Deer + Medicine and Health" Industrial R&D Public Service Platform
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Fraternity Club" -- To demonstrate corporate mission and responsibility in the face of the epidemic
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Chai Wei, secretary of CPC Municipal Committee, visited our company to investigate the promotion of liaoyuan "Sika deer + medical and health industry"
With a deep concern for the liaoyuan medical and health industry, with the city of Liaoyuan "Sika deer + medical and health industry" a bright future. On the afternoon of September 16, more than 30 people, including Party secretary Chai Wei, Leaders Such as CAI Hongwei, Hu Yongwei, Tang Yan, Xu Hui, Chen Zhongliang and Zhang Fenglin, visited Broad Enterprise for investigation. Duan Chengjun, chairman of the board, introduced to the city leaders the development of our company in the past ten years, new product research and development, marketing and sales, platform construction, and the promotion of the "Sika deer + medical and health industry" work. In the past two years, our company has actively negotiated with the government of The Development zone and The Government of Liaoyuan city, negotiated with the academician workstation, adopted the government's promotion, academician's substantial participation, implemented the enterprise management, marketized operation mode, committed to the research and development and production of Sika deer products, and established Jilin Province Glast Biotechnology Co., LTD. The company has signed a cooperation agreement with academician workstation, and developed and produced series products such as deer antler health care products and food products by utilizing its technical resources, technical team and innovation achievements and relying on broad Cause's pilot test ability and industrial advantages.      Secretary wood to great achievements as the President unit of the medicine industry of jilin province technology innovation strategic alliance, promote union work and to undertake manufacture-learning-research cooperation with enterprise as the main body, the company has strong research and development ability and innovation ability to be fully recognized and high hopes and great play a leading role in industry, for Ming "sika deer + medicine health industry" stable healthy development contribution strength, instructs the staff service. Relevant leaders from the municipal Commission office, the Government office, the Political Research Office, the Development and Reform Commission, the Bureau of Science and Technology, the Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, the Bureau of Ecology and Environment, the Bureau of Commerce, the Federation of Industry and Commerce, the Tax bureau, the Bureau of Statistics, and the administrative Committee of the Development Zone accompanied the investigation.
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Jilin Province Great Great Pharmaceutical Co. LTD

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Jilin Province Great Great Pharmaceutical Co. LTD

Jilin Province Great Great Pharmaceutical Co. LTD
Jilin Province Great Great Pharmaceutical Co. LTD
Jilin Province Great Great Pharmaceutical Co. LTD
Jilin Province Great Great Pharmaceutical Co. LTD
Jilin Province Great Great Pharmaceutical Co. LTD
Jilin Province Great Great Pharmaceutical Co. LTD

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